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0 to 60: Developing apps for Outlook, Exchange Online, and Office 365 View Abstract

Come get started building applications that integrate seamlessly with Exchange and Office 365. In this session we will show how anyone can connect to Exchange quickly and easily to access the Outlook/Exchange Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. We will demonstrate how to easily grant access to and integrate Exchange data in web, desktop, and mobile apps.

5 Real Life Scenarios of Office 365 in Education View Abstract

One of markets that has been working the longest with Cloud Services is without a doubt Education. From Live@edu (BPOS) to Office 365 (Wave 14-15) the requirements for Education have been there. In this session I'll cover 5 real life scenario on how education uses Exchange Online as their primary mail service. I’ll use real universities scenario’s and lead you in their path on how they evolved into a modern communication organization by using out of the box functionalities, knowing and working around limitations and overcome the struggles. Let me give you a deeper inside in the wonders of Educational Institutes and how Office 365 and Exchange Online can be an ally in their journey.

Achieving better business productivity using Apps for Office and Office 365
  • by Pretish Abraham 
View Abstract

Have you wondered how you could improve your users productivity using “apps” that could work with Outlook and Office 365? Did you know you can integrate your line of business applications directly inside Outlook, using Apps for Office? You can also extend your mobile or web applications to richly integrate with your Office 365 data using the new Office 365 Cloud App model. We will take a look at what this entails and how it can be used to add value to your business using some real world scenarios and demo applications. You will also learn how to administer apps, acquire apps from the Office store, deploy custom apps for your organization, and provide appropriate governance for the new world of apps.

Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in Exchange View Abstract

This session takes a deep look at Exchange Data Loss Prevention (DLP), covering a wide range of topics such as Fingerprinting, Incident Reporting, and Customization. Learn how to take the out of the box DLP solution and leverage it in a complex Enterprise environment needing customer specific customizations.

Apps for Outlook Evolved View Abstract

We have changed the game and made it incredibly easy to customize Outlook, Outlook Web App, and Mobile OWA using standard HTML5 technologies. Come learn about how to build an app that streamlines key business processes by integrating with Outlook on the web, desktop, and mobile devices. In this talk, we'll cover a basic overview and all the new features of Apps for Outlook, including the newest one - apps can now customize message and appointment compose UX! We'll show code demos of how to build apps, how they relate to the new REST APIs and provide ideas for compelling app scenarios.

Architect Exchange, smoking holes and long tails View Abstract

This session is intensely interactive. Be prepared to be challenged, interact, and occasionally duck. In this session we will explore how to design, deploy and migrate Exchange 2010, 2013 and Exchange online in a defensible manner, based on requirements and not according to feature sets. The session will focus on creating reality out of requirements, which includes that not every DR requirement starts with the "smoking hole" requirement and also explains why storage discussions don't start with SANs. Understanding requirements allows us to move away from the long tail of previous best practices established from previous versions of Exchange and design an architecture which can be challenged and defended.

Archiving, Auditing, Discovery and Device Protection View Abstract

Kamal Janardhan is the Group Program Manager for Engineering in the space of Archiving, Auditing, eDiscovery, Device Protection, and Hold/Retention. Join this session to see where we’ve come from and where we’re going and includes our product strategy across Exchange.

Behind the curtain: How we run Exchange Online View Abstract

How does Microsoft run the world's largest Exchange implementation? This session will explore what it takes to keep Exchange Online humming smoothly and how running the service helps improve the product.

Best Practices Analyzer: Next Generation View Abstract

In this session we'll discuss what's coming next with Best Practices Analyzer and how it will help your organization with an on-premises, hybrid or Exchange Online deployment.

Build a hybrid configuration in 75 minutes View Abstract

The cloud, on your own terms! Whether you're looking for a flexible way of migrating email to the cloud, or possibly just thinking about running both Office 365 and Exchange 2013 side by side, hybrid is your answer! However, the road to get there can sometimes seem daunting. This session will teach you everything there is to know to successfully deploy Exchange 2013 in a hybrid configuration. During the session, we'll dig deeper into what the Hybrid Configuration Wizard actually does and set up a hybrid configuration. We'll cover the various aspects of the hybrid configuration wizard, including how to prepare your environment and avoid common mistakes and pitfalls during and after setup.

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